Jun 142020

With eleven weeks of online training under their belts – and up to three sessions per week – some of our junior members took part in the first ever Carmarthenshire Karate online grading examination today. On the day that we had been scheduled to hold the summer grading, our instructors all agreed that the hard work and commitment that had been put in by these students, especially over the last few months, deserved to be rewarded.

In two small groups, our young karate-ka were put under just as much pressure and scrutiny as a regular, in-person grading (if not more!). First they were asked to show techniques and combinations from the syllabus, before getting a chance to individually demonstrate their katas to our eagle-eyed examiners.

Just as expected, the effort that everyone put in was worthy of applause and the excellent results reflected that fact. Congratulations to you all…

Given this successful first attempt, we fully intend providing the same opportunity to the other junior grade students that have been joining us for online training, but had not yet gained enough sessions to qualify. The date for the next online grading will be announced shortly, and is expected to take place at the end of July.