Apr 202013

Higashi Karate Kai’s chief instructor, Peter Spanton (8th Dan) was back in Carmarthenshire this month, conducting a special course for our senior members and keen young kyu grades.

Building on the success of his first course at Carmarthen dojo last September, everyone was back (plus many more) to make the most of the opportunity to learn from such an eminent instructor. The association’s brown and black belts benefited from an excellent start to the day, focusing mainly on applications to Chinto kata. The afternoon sessions followed in the same, high-intensity vein as the dojo swelled with an influx of kyu grades eager to experience Hanshi Spanton’s tuition too.

It was all over far too soon but we’re pleased to say that Hanshi Spanton will be back in Carmarthen again in September for another “Visiting Instructor Course”. He will also be in Cymmer in June for the WHKK Course. Check the calendar for these course dates.

Hanshi Spanton Course, Apr'13