Jul 062013

We were able to field a strong team at this year’s North Wales Open in Acrefair, with all of our senior squad members together again, including Rosie Williams returning from injury. The only new member of the team was Charlotte French, who was stepping up to an open championships for the first time and did exceptionally well to win a silver medal in a higher category than originally intended.

There were smiles all round for the whole team in fact, with everyone winning a medal of some description. Special mention to Ben and Yasmin who won their first medals at this level; two each too! One of which was a gold for Yasmin in the kumite, while Ana won her first gold medal in kata. There were still plenty of points to work on though, which we will be concentrating on in the build up to the Welsh Junior Open in August.



Jordan Phillips-Evans, Alice Bennett, Ethan Young, Rhys Jones, Keiran Jones, Rosie Williams, Guto Huws, Mina Cook, Charlotte French, Yasmin Davies, Ben Williams, Alex Macdonald-Rice & Ana Raduliscu



5 Gold - Ana, Jordan, Rosie (kata), Yasmin, Mina (kumite)
4 Silver - Ben, Ethan, Charlotte (kata), Guto + Keiran (kata pairs)
8 Bronze - Yasmin, Keiran, Mina, Alice (kata), Jordan + Ethan (kata pairs), Ben, Alex, Rhys (kumite)