May 262013

Some more new faces added to the squad for this relatively local event, including Callum Gardner who worked his way through a big category to claim a bronze medal at his first attempt. The team is developing really well now, with every individual continuing to make progress. This doesn’t always lead to medals but an improvement in performance when it happens is still a good result and that’s exactly what we got. Well done team!

Squad at Welsh Bushi Kai


Ethan Young, Guto Huws, Alex Rigden, Sasha Rigden, Mina Cook, Max Holland, Callum Gardner, Yasmin Davies, Leon Williams, Alex Macdonald-Rice, Dafydd Sedgwick, Ana Raduliscu & Morgan Roberts



1 Gold - Ethan (kata)
1 Silver - Mina (kumite)
3 Bronze - Dafydd, Alex R. (kata), Callum (kumite)