Mar 242013

March 24th: the first chance of the year to move up the grading ladder and there were plenty of people grasping the opportunity with both hands.

We started the day with the senior examination in front of WHKK Chief Instructor, Shihan Barbara Mumberson, at St.Clears dojo. This aslo included brown belt assessments for five of our senior members. Our karate kids followed suit at Carmarthen dojo, before the intermediate junior group were given their time under the spotlight.

From the 130 candidates put forward by Carmarthenshire Karate’s instructors, 125 passed to a higher grade and all five of the senior assessments were approved by Shihan Mumberson for examination attempts in June. Of course, some candidates were happier with their result than others but there were signs of progress from everyone involved and this should be taken as inspiration to those who had hoped for more, to find the extra effort needed for higher achievement next time.


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