Nov 092013

Hanshi Spanton’s last visit to West Wales in 2013 was a big one – the WHKK Course returned to Narberth dojo and Carmarthenshire’s Alice Bennett was up for her 1st kyu examination…

The course started at Afan Valley dojo in Cymmer. Ten of our senior students from Carmarthenshire made the journey up the valley to kick start the weekend. Kata bunkai was the main topic on the cards, which was tough and very rewarding; more understanding = more satisfaction.

On Friday night, it was great to be back in Narberth, with the atmosphere buzzing in anticipation of Sensei Peter and Sensei Barbara’s arrival. Seventeen from Carmarthenshire this time, even though many of our seniors unable to attend – get well soon to Eirian and Nia, and safe journey home to Dan, Aled and Keith.

Alice was containing her nerves and excitement (just about); a grading weekend is as much about mental strength as it is physical, with the hard work starting months in advance.

Friday’s intense training carried through to Saturday’s full dojo. After our first tea break and a quick catch up with our friends it was back to the dojo and back to work. Before everyone knew it, it was time for grading. Like everyone on the course, Alice had worked hard for the whole weekend and had not let her concentration lapse at all. She then got up in front of Sensei and pulled out all the stops. It was a tough grading with no let up. Kata after kata she dug deep and performed so well. When she passed, there were tears all round – well done Alice, we’re all very proud of you.

WHKK Course & Senior Grading Nov2013

We’re pleased to announce that 2014 will bring Hanshi Spanton back to West Wales in February, April, June, September and November – keep an eye out for these dates on our calendar.